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Davies Media Group (DMG) is a one stop shop for all your media production needs including television series, documentaries, corporate videos, advertisements and social media content.

We will take an idea from concept all the way through to creation.  


The team at DMG are passionate about producing only the best films and we pride ourselves on blending strong stories with stunning visuals.   Our productions are not just about educating and entertaining - they are about combining words, music and pictures to create an emotive response in the viewer.   


Our Managing Director, Lyndal Davies, has produced and directed more than 600 hours of broadcast television, including documentaries and television series, for both local and international audiences over the past 25 years.    This includes reality, sports, lifestyle, culture, heritage and wildlife programmes for clients such as National Geographic, Animal Planet, Discovery Network, Network Ten and ABC TV along with extensive programming for the Qatar government, as one of the leading production houses, Ayn Al Shaheen Films.


At DMG we believe we are only as good as our last job. We ensure every production we deliver is of the highest quality and that our client is always happy.




We service both local and international clients with professional crew and equipment. We specialise in both short and long form productions and offer a range of services including directors, camera operators, sound technicians and post production personnel including graphics and animation specialists. DMG prides itself on always delivering high quality, sophisticated and professional programmes.  We have produced documentaries and series for clients including the Discovery Network, National Geographic, Animal Planet, ABC television, Network Ten, Qatar TV and Al Rayyan Television.



We offer our clients broadcast quality videos at affordable prices. These videos will not only educate an audience they will also engage and entertain them. We always bring a fresh and progressive edge to everything we produce. We will put together a creative concept that will focus on your company, your culture and your employees as a whole.  Our goal is to help you build brand credibility while at the same time providing an informative and effective presentation of your company or event. In today’s environment of two way communication, companies have become storytellers, and video is a great storytelling tool.


We create short, snappy and dynamic social media videos designed to grab the viewers attention and get them sharing.  Strong marketing for your business starts with a professional video strategy and we can guide you every step of the way.  We understand the importance of social media in this day and age as it allows you to reach and engage your audience while at the same time nurturing an ongoing relationship.   This in turn will help generate brand awareness, leads, sales and of course revenue.   We have many clients both locally and internationally who we supply with a full range of videos aimed at all social media platforms, including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

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